2021 Pre-Company Requirements:

Any Junior Star interested in being in Company in the future should highly consider fulfilling the following

pre-company requirements in addition to the Junior Stars requirements:


Pre-Company Requirements:

-Be enrolled in at least 3.5 hours of dance/week.

-Of those 3.5 hours this should include: 1 Ballet + Conditioning Class, 1 Turns/Jumps Class, Junior Stars and at least one other choice class, such as Tap or Hip Hop (preferably both).

-Maintain the minimum attendance requirements of Company Dancers

(3 absences/class August-December, 4 January-June).

-Attend all Junior Stars performances and adhere to the Junior Stars requirements.

-Attend at least one weekend dance convention with LLD Company Dancers

 (Approximate Cost $200-$300. This cost can either be paid when due or you may sign a contract and split it up into monthly payments.)


FAQ’s About Pre-Company:

Why did you start Pre-Company?

We started pre-company because we have so many dancers interested in Company but they are not taking the appropriate classes to help them reach their goal, or they are not meeting the standards or work level of a Company dancer.

What benefits are there of being Pre-Company?

Each December and June you will receive a detailed report of how you are doing in each class and what you need to work on to meet your goal of being a Company Dancer.  All teachers will know that you are “Pre-Company” and you will be challenged to the level that the Company Dancers are within your own classes and in a way that is still appropriate for your age/ability level.

If I am “Pre-Company” does that mean that I will be in Company next year?

Not necessarily.  There are a lot of factors that go into determining Company Placements and there may not be a group at your age/ability level next year.  It may also take several years of being in “Pre-Company” to meet your goal.

What if I fail to meet one of the above requirements for Junior Stars or Pre-Company during the year?

Unless you have an emergency situation you will be removed from “Pre-Company” status and will not receive the benefits listed above.

What do I need to do to become Pre-Company?

Simply fill out the section for Pre-Company on your Mini/Junior Stars form!

What if I am not recommended to take the required classes yet?

Please email for recommendations.